Welcome to your wiki at Notion Ink!

In future this wiki is going to expand into what we have learnt and want other's to learn.

But like always there is some work to do and things to learn for us too:

  • You need at create one page your self! That's the best way to learn anything - do yourself!
  • You need to add content in your page with your name as the title, your hobbies in Italics, your address in underline, and your favorite webpage as a link!. Then you need to add a section of code!
  • Next you need to add your photo in your page and then a title for that photo.
  • And the last thing to note is that we need to do all this today! :)
  • LINK This is one link which you might want to use!
  • LINK One more!

There are lot's of tutorials, so you should not have any issue in doing this.